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Business philosophy: integrity, win-win, creating value for customers. 

Entrepreneurship: Habitat danger to strive for progress, innovation, unity, pragmatic, efficient and rigorous. Corporate culture: innovation is the soul, the human is present, the quality is the root of the times, to lead the future. 
Staff worked on staff frank, sincere pending corporate employees, business with suppliers and sincere cooperation, trust companies fully dedicated service to customers, businesses, employees, customers, suppliers. In order to achieve employees, enterprises, jointly enhance the supply chain as the goal of achieving employees, businesses, customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain and improve efficiency. Any act within the enterprise, should avoid harm to the interests of any party. 

Management philosophy: people-oriented, management institutionalized, standardized work, work procedures, and analysis of data. 

Talent: Attitude ability, ability is more important than academic qualifications, ability first, loyalty to, the most important contribution, ability and integrity. 

Advocate Spirit: diligent, advocating progress and innovation
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