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Study: mini excavator with a large excavator development trend in the future

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The first half of 2013, sales of small construction machinery products became the focus of the whole construction machinery industry. Intelligence, miniaturization seemed to be the trend of the future development of the industry as a whole. However, the editor had to remind immersed in the joy business, smart is the general direction of the future development of construction machinery industry, however, miniaturization will not be the only direction for future development of engineering machinery enterprise. Perhaps, it is only at this particular period of a specific hot products. Now, with the acceleration of urbanization and an increase in labour costs, machinery to replace manual labour has become a trend, which, to some extent, promoted the popularity of small construction machinery products, but most are only small construction machinery product sales recovery for the whole industry is clearly unrealistic. "Yanan city" is powerful, small and big machinery who is more powerful, it tube construction market. "The two brands, each with its aromatic", cannot be offset by small machinery, an integral aspect of the large excavators as well.
Mini excavator natural "defects"
Under the influence of new urbanization, domestic each big host factory, reports will mainly focus on the compact excavator promotion and step up communication with end customers, especially since some foreign brands OEM customers.
In recent times, compact excavator sales become the hotspot of the mechanical engineering industry in General. In fact since the beginning of the end of 2012, along with the Ministry of water resources intensify its layout the new round of spring and winter irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure construction, "battle", exceeding 300 billion yuan investment in irrigation and water conservancy construction of mini excavator sales drag significantly. Meanwhile, with the upgrading of China's urbanization and labor costs, companies tend to use mechanical equipment instead of labor, also helped push a little dig on market demand. However, blocked lucrative sales of medium and large excavators, mini excavators of marketable, but must face the predicament of the more you lose, the more selling, should also continue to develop mini excavator?
Foreign large hydraulic excavators
As the market for hydraulic excavators into the rapid development of large hydraulic excavators is receiving more and more attention. Large hydraulic excavator development trend of abroad what is it?
Foreign large hydraulic excavator development begins around the 70 's of the last century. In 1979, Hitachi successfully developed UH50 shovel very large hydraulic excavators, bucket capacity of 8.2m3, weight 175t.
In 1987, the world's largest Hitachi EX3500 shovel at Mega excavator (bucket capacity 18.8m3, 330t) in Japan developed and developed bucket capacity this year 22m?, 420t EX4200 shovel super large excavators in weight. Other companies have developed super large hydraulic excavators in the world, such as Komatsu PC1600, Caterpillar 5130, Liebherr R992 R994, Terex (buy O&K), RH20C type, RH90C type, and so on.
After 1990, the super large excavator bucket capacity is increasing, reached more than 50m3; weight increased up to 800t, has now established a large hydraulic excavator for mining and earth moving.
After more than 30 years of development, now very large hydraulic excavator of maximum operational capacity has exceeded 900t, almost 1000 tonnes bucket capacity up to 50m3.
Currently produces very large excavator makers are mainly distributed in Germany, and Japan and the United States and other construction machinery manufactured powerhouse, famous manufacturers enabling another forward-looking Liebherr, Caterpillar (derived from O&K, for details, see annex), Hitachi, Komatsu and others, showing "quadrupedal" situation. By 2012, modern France launched the first exhibition of more than 100 tonnes of excavators R1200-9.
At present, the world's largest tonnage excavator Terex RH400 (now Caterpillar 6090) hydraulic excavators, weighs 980 tons. (Editor's Note: Caterpillar model 6120BHFS Super hybrid hydraulic excavators have been on public display, will be put into operation in 2014. Its weight is 1270t, the engine power output 3360kW, bucket capacity according to the density of the material can be 46~65m3. )
Large hydraulic excavator market development
In recent years, was said due to small dug of hot sales, big dug once was "relegated", but, both at home and abroad large mine and the water construction with of non-highway since truck in constantly to large of direction development, to adapted since truck large-scale of trend, guarantee in joint job in the and since truck phase match, super large excavator is bound to improve bucket capacity, makes units time within of workload increased, thus has high of production efficiency. Therefore demand very large excavators has been strong. Just because these giants don't happen very often in our line of sight range, so this segment of the market is very likely to be ignored. At present, large excavators to achieve maximum loading capacity, is used in most large capacity buckets. With the development of hydraulic excavator, very large hydraulic excavator backhoe added attracted the attention of industry development and market demand. On June 3, the longgong zijin mining group delivered the first customized large excavators, which prompted the current size digging "uneven" situation eased. It is understood that the Dragons special needs workers according to zijin mining operation, carefully developed for mining operations of large-scale construction machinery equipment, deploy and zijin mining was carried out, all future mines new equipment all use the Dragon brand. So, "uneven" only businesses really hard. Mining groups are major buyers of large-scale construction machinery products, how to impress them, and how to win this part of the market, construction machinery companies need to think about.

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