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Excavator breaker malfunction analysis

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Hammer was one of the hydraulic excavator now available in parts, play an important role in the project, if the excavator breaker unmanageable situation, that will affect the company's progress toward completing a project, how do we analyze and solve the problem of excavator breaker unable to fault it, now Wuhan excavator training please follow carefully read the following article, against a different situation to solve the problem.
Excavator breaker unable to breakdown often appears as: flip boom lift bucket weakness. Failing there are four main reasons.
Internal leakage in gear pump:
Excavator breaker leak as follows: work noise, the higher the engine speed, the noise, the greater; visible to a large number of copper scrap in the oil filter. Dismantling the pump and detection gear end clearance (normal value for 0.100-0.140mm) the gear meshing clearance (normal value for 0.005~0.015mm), the radial clearance of gear (normal value for 0.100~0.200mm), and check that the seal is good. Case of error or damage should be repaired or replaced.
From the foregoing, problem may exist various, carefully you can find, and early detection, early settlement, only minimal maintenance costs can be reduced and, of course, usually operating personnel for the maintenance and repair of the machine is also very important, the question is not, but we look out from.
Distributing valve internal leakage:
Distributing valve inner leakage of main reasons: total safety valve master valve is stuck; the valve stem and valve body clearance is too large (normal clearance 0.025~0.040mm); triangle hammer or body injury; seal is broken, and so on.
Low system pressure:
Distribution valves measuring pressure 25MPa range pressure gauge at the point, the engine and hydraulic oil at normal operating temperature, when the engine speed is about 1 800r/min, manipulate the distribution valve bucket slide valve, bucket back in the end, pressure gauge shows the pressure should be 17mpa.
If the value is lower, to dismantling the safety valve, check whether the breaker accessory pilot valve spring breakage, seal is good, the main valve is stuck and the orifice is blocked. Above all when there are no problems, adjust the regulator screw, allow the system pressure to normal.
Boom bucket cylinder or cylinder leak:
Respectively the jib cylinder or bucket cylinder piston receives at the end, remove the rod-free tubing, boom cylinders or cylinder rod to continue oil filled. Without Rod-port had more oil leaked out (normal leakage ≤ 30mL/min), then the piston sealing ring is damaged and should be replaced; can also make buckets filled with loads, give rise to the extreme position, jib control lever and the engine, observe the sinking speed boom (normally <40mm/h).
Then, the jib control lever to the up position, if sinking faster then boom, indicate internal leakage in the hydraulic cylinder subsidence velocity does not change significantly, then leak out distribution valve.

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